SILUX new showroom finished on December 2018.

SILUX new showroom finished on December 2018.

It shows different lights for different apllications, we combine our products with all common shop and office applications and to show you the perfect light for perfect scenarios.

1. First, of course there is the office lighting application, with linear light and track lamps to provide both general lighting and accent lighting.


2. Second, we have smart control area, Bluetooth, 2.4G dimmalbe and CCT changeable: 

3. We have special decor COB comparision area, help you to find the best light for your shop.

3. We have light shade for different beam angles and zoomable track lamp.

4. We have low UGR linear light coffee shop application.

5. And there is DIY linear application area.


We are sincerely invite you come to visit our showroom and factory anytime!

                                                                                         -- From Silux Family