New Released-4 LED industry trends in 2020



2020 had just started, and it under effected by the new Covid19 Virus. According to the feedback of Most of factory and customer, they said that is getting harder than last year. Expert predicts that the virus can be under control in China during June. Then how about the LED product trends in 2020? Let’s discover it.

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Silux just attends EuroShop in February, here are 4 points we concluded in the fair.

1.Better Quality in Light development

In lighting design, there is 3 essential lighting effect in kind of project, they are accent Luminaire, flood Luminaire, light source Luminaire. None is dispensable in kind of solution, that make the perfect project.

In the commercial lighting field, lighting effects getting improve, the light looks more comfortable. More and more Manufacturers start to consider these factors in proving their products: Luminosity, energy efficiency, durability, consistency, control & hues have all earned LEDs the top spot in the minds of consumers.

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2. The compact design would be popular

From the 2018 Frankfurt light+building, Milan lighting show to EuroShop, during these 3 years Prep it shows one trend: smaller and compact luminaires are being more popular, equipped with better technology. In 2020, we recommend our popular track light series: TLX, TLSC, TLSW, TLSZ series.

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3.Adjustable LED chip(Smart LEDs)

More and more luminaires are equipped with an adjustable LED chip. The big advantage? There is now no price difference for luminaires between 1000lm and 3000lm. And we improve some series track light, can adjust the CCT and beam angle.

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4.Flexible lighting partner

Silux is in a great position to respond to these developments and the changing expectations in the market. Among other things, this comes down to the knowledge we have and the investments we continue to make.

We strive for being the flexible lighting manufacturer in 2020, we’ll present our products even more effectively.

We can rapidly offer the newest light innovations because we keep innovating and have our R&D and assembly department. Besides, we’re happy to work alongside you to find a suitable lighting solution for your project.

All this makes Silux a very flexible lighting partner. We deliver high-quality products with fast delivery time! Do you have any questions or want to find out more? Please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you.